How To Find Books From Goodreads


Did you know that Goodreads can show you whether or not its books are in our library? Goodreads helps connect readers to books they will enjoy; the site also publishes book reviews and ratings. Goodreads links to the Union library’s catalog, which will indicate a book’s availability.

How does this work? Let’s take the book The Essential Kierkegaard for example.


A search on Goodreads for The Essential Kierkegaard will bring up its specific page, which contains the book’s cover, copyright, and a brief synopsis. Beneath the synopsis, there is an option to “Get a copy.” By clicking the “Libraries” button, Goodreads will link to the Union library catalog, which will then give the call number and location for the The Essential Kierkegaard. You can then go to the library to find the book, either by using the call number (B4372 .E5 2000) to locate the book yourself or by asking a librarian for help.

If you already use Goodreads, you can now easily see if the books you’ve liked on the website are located in the Union library.


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