Featured Theologian: Francis Schaeffer


On this day in 1912, American theologian and philosopher Francis Schaeffer was born. Throughout his life, Schaeffer argued for the inerrancy of Scripture and lectured on truth, culture, and the modern world.


In 1955, Schaeffer founded the school and community L’Abri in Switzerland; in 1958, an English version of L’Abri was opened. The French term “L’Abri” means “shelter.” Schaeffer intended the schools to provide a safe place for seeking people to ask questions about God and the significance of human life.


The Ryan Center houses The Complete Works of Francis Schaeffer: A Christian Worldview, and the library contains copies of Whatever Happened to the Human Race?, A Christian Manifesto, and several other books by Schaeffer.

Available Technology Programs


The library’s technology lab, located on the first floor between Modero and the Circulation Desk, offers a variety of software available for student use. Included on the lab’s computers are the following programs:

  • Comsol 4.4 (no longer available in the library, but available in White Hall)
  • IBM SPSS Statistics 23
  • PTC CreoParametric 3.0 MO 20
  • Wolfram Mathematica 10.2
  • ChemDraw Professional 15.0 (no longer available in the library, but available in White Hall)
  • Adobe Creative Suite CC (no longer available in the library, but available in the Art Department)
  • Perkin Elmer Chem Office Pro 2015 (no longer available in the library, but available in White Hall)
  • Python 3.27
  • Microsoft Visual C++

Students can use these resources free of charge.

Featured Book: “Silence” by Shusaku Endo


Silence, based on the real-life missionary attempts by Portuguese Catholics in historical 1600s Japan, was written by Shusaku Endo in 1966. The book describes the physical, mental, and spiritual trials of priest Father Rodrigues as well as the Japanese Christians who struggle to maintain their faith while under intense persecution. Questions about apostasy, intercultural communication, and priesthood are all raised and addressed within the story.



Both Silence and Endo’s novel Deep River can be checked out from the library. The library also carries Kiku’s Prayer as an e-book. A film version of Silence directed by Martin Scorsese, which has been under development for over 25 years, premieres this weekend in theaters.


Spotlight on the New Books Section


Did you know that the library has a special section for the new books we acquire? The New Books Section is located on the second floor of the Logos. The shelves include selected titles on display, and each new book is marked with a green sticker on its spine indicating the date of its acquisition. The New Books Section makes it easier to browse the latest books by shelving them in a group together for a time.


The library keeps an updated list of new books on our website; their location will be listed as “Main New Books Shelf.” They are also available to be checked out by self-check machines or by the Circulation Desk. If you need help finding a book, please ask a librarian or a library student worker for assistance.

J-Term Hours

Come study with us during J-Term! Here are the library’s hours for this month:


New Study Room Policy

There is a new study room policy in effect from here on out! We hope it will make things smoother and easier in regards to using the study rooms. Student workers will be passing out fliers to raise awareness and explain the new rules. Please see the graphic below for a synopsis of the policy.


To summarize, students will no longer have to get study room keys from the Circulation Desk. Instead, students can reserve the study rooms online or at the desk. Then they should confirm their reservation by email. Once confirmed, the students can head up to the study room they reserved. Students can also simply walk in to an empty study room. However, if someone else has the room reserved (which they can prove by showing their confirmation email), then he or she takes first priority of that room during the reservation time.

To check and see what rooms are not reserved and to make a reservation, simply visit the library website’s study rooms page. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask a library staff member or a library student worker. We are always prepared to help!