Featured Book: “Art of the Pie”


If you like baking, colorful photographs, or down-to-earth stories, then this book is for you. Art of the Pie: A Practical Guide to Homemade Crusts, Fillings, and Life by Kate McDermott provides both delicious recipes and helpful advice from the author.


McDermott reflects on how pie has shaped her life:

Pie is a meditation that I have practiced countless times. Some of my first attempts were less than stellar, but I didn’t give up because I felt something drawing me in. Standing at the baking counter ready to put my hands into a bowl filled with flour, salt, fat, and water has become a contemplative part of my day- and one that I look forward to.

Pie is the best teacher I’ve ever had.

Art of the Pie takes the reader through the basics to more complicated recipes; from making homemade pie dough to making Apple Quince Pie, Peach Berry Pie, and even Chicken Pot Pie. The beautiful photography by Andrew Scrivani illustrates each delectable detail of the desserts. Close-ups display the desired texture of the pie mixtures and help the reader know what his or her own creations should look like when made properly.

McDermott also includes helpful notes with most of her recipes. These notes add a personal touch to the instructions.


This book is available in the main book stacks of the library. Check its availability on our website!


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