Labor Day Weekend

Labor Day Hours 2017 (SM)

Library Workshops This Fall

lib work

It’s time: get registered for the library’s fall workshops!

You can learn about using RefWorks, making a Literature Review, and even citing sources in different styles. The library team is happy to provide these Research workshops to help you succeed!

Pre-register for the events through the library website here or through the url provided on the above graphic. Grab your seat and get ready to learn!

Featured Book: “The Story Cure”

9780399578809 (1)

Are you a writer who’s experienced writer’s block, or had trouble with creating realistic characters? Have you ever struggled with nailing that perfect plot?

Dinty W. Moore, director of the creative writing degree programs at Ohio University, comes to the rescue with “The Story Cure”!

A systematic and fun read, this book leads aspiring writers through the process of forming excellent characters, plot, structure, and overall story. Moore makes the nitty-gritty aspects of writing more entertaining as he assumes the role of “book doctor”. He provides step-by-step assistance with writing solid stories, developing multifaceted characters, and improving revision skills. He also offers great advice that doesn’t make the reader yawn five pages in.

Moore keeps it fresh, encouraging, and constructive while taking his own advice – he puts his heart into the book and gives us a reason to keep reading by asking questions and answering them. If you are a writer that desires to improve your craft, this is the book for you. Moore outdoes himself and accomplishes the impossible by making a how-to book about writing read like a letter from a friend.

Find out more about the author here!

Learn more about “The Story Cure”, and read an excerpt here!

*This book was received from Blogging for Books for review.

Welcome to the Library, New Bulldogs!


We are so glad to have you here at Union University. At the library, we love to help you learn, research, and study!

First things first: the library website is located at This is your one-stop place for all things library-related, including links to our social media, library news, databases, catalogs, and more.

Here are some library facts and perks you should know about:

  • Your student ID doubles as a library card! Use it to check out books at the Circulation Desk or at the self-check stations.
  • If you need research help, you can schedule an appointment with one of our trusty Research Coaches.
  • Sometimes your professors may have items for your class to check out on Reserves. Ask the staff at our Circulation Desk for access to items on Reserves.
  • Want to know about due dates, fines, or overdue items? Check out Using the Library on our website.
  • The first floor of the library houses the Circulation Desk, labs, offices, the Research Desk, Modero, and study spaces. The second floor houses books, movies, CDs, offices, two study rooms, and study spaces. The third floor houses the President’s office, administrative offices, study rooms, and study carrels.
  • The library employs around 20 student assistants per regular semester. These student assistants are supervised by our library staff (managers, catalog associates, archivists- you name it, the library has someone who can do it). You may be a good fit for working here if you value attention to detail, helping others, and initiative!

Have a great first week of classes, and be sure to visit the library!

Featured eBook: “Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed The Course Of History”


Who’s ready for the Eclipse today? Welcome back to Union- you’re just in time for a special solar event!

Grab your ISO-certified glasses and check out this library eBook to learn all about the history and science of eclipses: Eclipse: The Celestial Phenomenon That Changed The Course Of History by Duncan Steel.

e 2

This book dives into the cultural perceptions of eclipses. Over time, these rare events have been viewed as omens, prophecies, and even sentinels of doom. However, they have also inspired awe and excitement (especially today’s eclipse)!


Remember to stay safe as you enjoy the 2017 Eclipse today. Wear ISO protective glasses, and do not remove them while looking at the eclipse- turn away first. For more information about today’s event and how to stay safe, check out the NASA website dedicated to the Eclipse: Eclipse 2017 NASA.Gov.



Tech Update: Windows 10


Tech update: the library’s computers now operate with Windows 10!

Not much should be different for our patrons, other than logging off.

To log off with Windows 10:

  1. Access the Start menu.
  2. Click the profile icon (instead of the power icon).
  3.  Select to sign out.


For a brief introduction to Windows 10 as a system, check out the Microsoft website. For IT help, submit a help request at


Follow the Union Library on Pinterest!


Calling all book lovers and Pinterest users: you are in luck!

The Union University library is now on Pinterest as UU Library.

Follow us to see recommended book lists, quotes about books, author features, and more!


Things Your Librarians Wish You Knew: McKay’s Used Books



Have you ever visited a local or chain bookstore to purchase a novel you’d been looking forward to reading, only to find that it was more than you could afford? Is that new hardback book you wanted double the price you thought you were going to pay?

Walking into a bookstore shouldn’t feel like you’ve just taken a match to your cash.

As much as we would love for you to use the library for your every book need, we want to share our tips for the coolest bookstores around. What book lover doesn’t want to own copies of their favorite stories?

McKay’s Books is the place for you! The warehouse-like stores are not only lined with shelves filled with books, but there are also sections of DVDs, video games and consoles, board games, and music (but mostly books)! They are all fairly priced, and are in good shape. The store has a strict policy of accepting books/media that are in good, usable condition.

And guess what — you can also sell your old books for cash or credit in-store. Be sure to check out their rules and regulations on their website before you go!

McKay’s Books is located in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville in Tennessee.

Things Your Librarians Wish You Knew: Goodreads

Social media has exploded within our culture in the last decade. Unless you prefer to live a technologically minimalist life, chances are the majority of your activities are permeated with various types of social media.

“Do I really need another social media site to keep up with,” you might ask?

If you are a lover of books, an infatuated reader, or have a book nook in your home dedicated to the occasional cozy reading sesh, then yes. Yes, you do.

There are many aspects of Goodreads that you should take advantage of — for instance, did you know that you can choose your favorite genres and receive a list of books recommended for you? You can also see what your friends are currently reading, and browse their favorite books.

A hidden facet of this site is the Giveaways section. Authors, readers, and publishers can opt to offer up free copies of their books for publicity. Any user of Goodreads can sign up for as many giveaways as they want for a chance to win a free book (or more). You can’t say no to free books!

There are other great features such as literary quizzes and trivia, author Q & A, reading challenges, quotes you can pin to your profile, and more.

P.S. Did you know that Goodreads can also show you what books are in our library? Find out how to look up books from your library here.