Things Your Librarians Wish You Knew: McKay’s Used Books



Have you ever visited a local or chain bookstore to purchase a novel you’d been looking forward to reading, only to find that it was more than you could afford? Is that new hardback book you wanted double the price you thought you were going to pay?

Walking into a bookstore shouldn’t feel like you’ve just taken a match to your cash.

As much as we would love for you to use the library for your every book need, we want to share our tips for the coolest bookstores around. What book lover doesn’t want to own copies of their favorite stories?

McKay’s Books is the place for you! The warehouse-like stores are not only lined with shelves filled with books, but there are also sections of DVDs, video games and consoles, board games, and music (but mostly books)! They are all fairly priced, and are in good shape. The store has a strict policy of accepting books/media that are in good, usable condition.

And guess what — you can also sell your old books for cash or credit in-store. Be sure to check out their rules and regulations on their website before you go!

McKay’s Books is located in Nashville, Chattanooga, and Knoxville in Tennessee.

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