Merry Christmas from the Library Team!

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Featured Book: “This Is Your Brain On Music” by Daniel J. Levitin

this is your brain on music

When you think about music, do you imagine Madonna or Mozart? Jazz or classic rock? What makes you like the genres that you do?

In his book This Is Your Brain On Music, rocker-turned-neuroscientist Daniel J. Levitin strives to answer these questions by analyzing how the human brain responds to music. First, Levitin breaks down the fundamentals of music, defining “pitch,” “rhythm,” “timbre,” and more. Then, Levitin explores cognitive functions, describing the brain’s neural organization of music.

The music-to-brain research explains everyday phenomena, such as:

  • how composers exploit the way our brains make sense of the world
  • why we emotionally attach to music we listen to as teenagers
  • why 10,000 hours of practice- not talent- makes virtuosos
  • how insidious jingles (aka ear worms) get stuck in our heads

This Is Your Brain On Music is currently in our New Books section on the 2nd floor. If you want to learn more about how your brain responds to your favorite songs, check it out!

#BookFaceFriday 12/15/17


It’s time for a special Star Wars #BookFaceFriday! Library Systems Manager Stephen Mount holds up The Cinema of George Lucas. Follow #BookFaceFriday for more fun!

Christmas Break Hours

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10 Christmas Gifts that any College Student would Love

When it comes to Christmas gifts, it isn’t always easy to find the right one. Many times we settle for the same old gift card to Starbucks that you would give to anyone between the age of 18 to 22. However, there is another opportunity to get a truly spectacular gift for your college aged compatriot. Here are 10 CHRISTMAS GIFTS THAT ANY COLLEGE STUDENT WOULD LOVE, hand-curated by a college student herself.


1) Minibru French Press Mug


Ah coffee, the beloved nectar of life to many a college student. The only problem is that most coffee makers aren’t really equipped for a single serving size. But behold, this mug with a French press attachment has come to save the day. Now you just add grounds to the line, fill with hot water, and poof, the perfect French press cup of coffee.

2) Log Pillow


Most people have heard the phrase “slept like a log” before, but few have attempted to sleep ON a log. This quirky pillow provides all the comfort of a pillow with its polyester and spandex cover filled with micro beads, but with the added flair of this natural print. As far as funky dorm decor goes, this is pretty much the greatest pillow ever.

3) Wallet Ninja Multi-Tool


At some point or another, your collegiate friend or relative is probably going to need a tool when none are available. However, instead of having to maneuver through life unprepared, get them this 18-in-1 multi-tool. Box opener, screwdriver, and phone stand are just a few of its capabilities. It is forged from quadruple heat treated steel and is the size of a credit card so where you go, it goes.

4) No Place Like Home Candles

download (3)

Admit it, at some point or another you’ve buckled and given someone a candle as a last minute gift. However, I can assure you that this candle will not go ignored on some dusty shelf. Each of these candles is based after a state and is perfect for an out-of-state student to keep in their dorm. The candles are clean burning and crafted in the USA. However, be sure to check with the university’s dorm policy on candles before you gift this. Some schools prohibit candles in the dorms.

5) 2-in-1 Charging Solution

This wall adapter may well be the best Christmas gift for a tech-loving college student. It plugs into a regular electrical socket and can charge up to 5 devices. It has hidden micro-USB cables that can be peeled back for easy use. But the best part is that it can travel. The top attachment can be removed to charge up to two devices up to 3 times faster than a typical charger and can fill a devices battery up to four times.

6) Outdoor Wireless Speaker


Everybody who loves music loves bluetooth speakers, however they aren’t always the most durable contraptions. If you know a traveling (or maybe just clumsy) college student, this speaker is the way to go. It’s durable and built to last. It can even play music while underwater.

7) Field Notes Memo Book


From chalkboards to adult coloring books, people love to scribble. The same is true for college students. This set of three memo books is capable of containing any of your college student’s musings, notes, and doodles. They come in blank, lined, and graph paper and are portably sized.

8) 5 Ingredient College Cookbook


We all know of the reputation of college cuisine, but not many college students have the time for culinary lessons. This cookbook is built with college students in mind and tells you everything you need to know such as what cooking utensils you need and what the nutritional properties of the ingredients are. It even offers alternate suggestions in the recipes to keep them fresh and exciting.

9) Can Planter

Plants live in a space, clean the air, and provide a stress relieving hobby. That’s what makes them so popular in dorms. These ceramic can planters are petite enough to keep in a windowsill, but large enough to grow a variety of herbs and plants. It comes with all the fixings to cultivate the seeds along with the instructions on how to care for the plant. The cans come with a choice of sunflower, wild strawberry, mint, and basil seeds.

10) World Map Laundry Bag


Lugging laundry to the washing room is no one’s favorite task, but this printed laundry bag definitely makes it cooler. The bag can hold over 6 and a half pounds of clothes and can fold into a compact pouch when not in use. It’s perfect for any jetsetting college student you may know.

*Post written by Ruth Duncan

Free Snacks For Finals!

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It’s back! During Finals Week, come de-stress in the library’s Reading Room, located on the first floor. There will be FREE snacks, water bottles, and more!

#BookFaceFriday 12/8/17


Welcome to #BookFaceFriday! Today, student assistant Jeff Walker poses with a biography of Bach. Follow the #BookFaceFriday hashtag for more fun book faces- it’s a country-wide library trend!

Finals Week Hours

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The library is open extra hours for finals week! Come study in The Logos and improve your test scores.

Christmas Story Time

christmas story time

Come join us for our Christmas Story Time! Stay afterward to check out all of the Christmas-themed children’s books in the Family Room.