National Reading Day

pex book mix

Did you know that January 23rd is National Reading Day? It’s a perfect excuse to visit the library and pick out a new book!

Some of our latest additions are listed below:

  1. Share Jesus Without Fear by William Fay & Linda E. Shepherd
  2. Imperfect Justice by Cara C. Putman
  3. The Woman Who Would Be King by Kara Cooney
  4. Napoleon: A Life by Andrew Roberts
  5. The Healthy Living Handbook by Laura Harris Smith
  6. Gladiator: The Roman Fighter’s (Unofficial) Manual by Phillip Matyszak
  7. The Austen Escape by Katherine Reay
  8. Magic and Religion in Medieval England by Catherine Rider
  9. The Deepest Human Life: An Introduction to Philosophy for Everyone by Scott Samuelson
  10. Artemis by Andy Weir



You can find most of these books in our New Books section or the Recreational Reading section, both on the second floor. Happy reading!

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