How To Use The Library As A Guest

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Who is a guest at the library?

If you’re a Union alumnus or a member of the community that is not currently attending Union, you’re a library guest.

The library has several policies for guests that allow you to use a limited amount of resources.


  • Guest Cards

The following groups of guests are eligible to obtain a free guest library card.

  • Retired employees (faculty and staff) of Union University
  • Current ministerial personnel (i.e. pastor, minister of music, minister of youth, associate pastor) from a church within 25 miles of Union University
  • Current members of Union University’s Board of Trustees
  • Local academic or public librarians from the West Tennessee Area Libraries Consortium
  • Spouses of current Union University faculty and staff members


If you do not meet the criteria for a free guest card, you can purchase a guest card for $60/year.

Card holders must be at least 18 years old. A photo ID and proof of qualifying status must be supplied at the time of application. Guests are limited to three (3) books and cannot check out media items. Loaning of guest cards is prohibited and the user should be prepared to show ID if asked.



  • Guest Printing

Guests can be signed on to a library guest computer for 2 consecutive hours per day. If you need to print, printing costs 10 cents per page. All of your prints will automatically go into a queue that requires a library worker to release your prints. You will be asked to pay the library at the time of printing- you cannot make an I.O.U. for prints.

*The library is not responsible for guest patron privacy on the guest computers.*


  • Faxing & Copying

Faxing costs 25 cents per page, but a cover page is free. Copying costs 10 cents per page.


  • Scanning To Email

Scanning a page to your email address is free. Ask a library worker for help with scanning.


  • Using The Library Space

Walking around the library and sitting to read a book in the library is free! Guests cannot reserve study rooms, but you are welcome to use rooms that are not taken. If a study room does get reserved by a student, the guests may be asked to vacate that room.



Guest FAQ

1. Does the library offer tutoring services?

No, the library provides resources to Union University. The library does have research help for Union students, but not for high schoolers, children, or adults who do not attend Union.


2. Does the library partner with any local home school or education programs?

No, but families with children are welcome to visit the library.


3. I’m a college student at Jackson State. Can I check out books from Union?

Yes, though a local university & college agreement, higher education students at other nearby institutions can check out a limited number of Union library items. See our website for more information.


4. Can I look at eBooks as a guest?

Yes and no. If you are on Union’s campus, you can view eBooks on our library website. If you are not on campus, you will not be able to view them without a Union login.


5. I’m a Union alumnus. What can I do in the library?

As an alumnus, you qualify for a free guest card. You can also be logged onto a computer as a guest and print for 10 cents a page.

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