How To Scan Multiple Pages To Your Email

Printer Help
The library printers have many options to offer students: printing, copying, scanning to email, etc. However, sometimes figuring out your options can be confusing. Many students use the “scan to email” function, but want all of their scans to end up in one file (so that way, they aren’t receiving scores of emails). This blog post will show you how to use this printer feature.*

How To Scan Multiple Pages Into One File:
1. When you go to scan pages, you can either choose “Scan to Email” or “Save to Device.” I’d suggest using Scan to Email unless you have a USB.
2. Once you’ve chosen where your scans will end up, there is an arrow at the bottom of the screen that says “More Options.” Click this.
3. Scroll down until you find the “Job Build” option. Turn Job Build on.
4. Start scanning. Click to save each page after you scan it. Don’t click “Finish” until you are ready to send the file.
5. Click “Finish” once you have scanned all of the pages you need.
6. The printer will now send your job to your email or save it to the device, depending on what you selected. All of your pages will be in one neat PDF file.



*4 of the library’s printers have this function: both printers in the South Lobby, the printer in the Open Printing area, and the second floor printer.


Check out this video tutorial for more help:

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