Student Interview: Wesley Jones

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Tell us a little about yourself. What are you studying?

I’m a senior Business Management major from Jackson.


How did you decide to start recording your podcast? Where did the name “Pipedup Podcast” come from?

It was something I was interested in; I did lots of research on it beforehand. My uncle is the audio guy for TLC, and he suggested that I do a podcast. “Pipedup” came from a high school nickname- friends still use it today.


How did you decide to use Union’s Recording Studio?

I knew Union had good equipment and wanted to use it instead of buying my own.


What has been your favorite episode so far? Has it been difficult getting in contact with the people you interview?

The 3rd episode- the Vanderbilt one. I actually knew the guy he was interviewing; he’s a big fan of Vanderbilt. Trying to find the right people to interview is hard, and scheduling times to do a phone interview is hard.


Who is the audience for your podcast?

Just fans of college football overall, and fans of smaller schools who want a different view point of people not from that area.


What is the goal of the Pipedup Podcast (what do you want listeners to take away from it)?

It is to highlight college football- I want to make people more knowledgeable of smaller schools. I like players of smaller teams that have a chance of making a name for themselves.



Are there any podcasts that you enjoy listening to, that you would recommend?

“Podcast Ain’t Played Nobody” and “The History of WWII Podcast,” both on iTunes.


What media are your podcasts on?

Soundcloud is the host site and it’s also on iTunes, I’m hoping for Spotify by the end of the month.


Finally, do you have any advice for other students interested in podcasts?

Just do it! Just have fun with it. Enjoy what you’re doing and don’t get burned out doing it. It’s not a livelihood; it’s just a hobby.


*You can listen to Wesley’s podcast here. Thanks for using our Recording Studio, Wesley!

**Interview conducted by Brandon Johnson.

Congratulations To Our 2018 Graduates!

lib grads 2018

Congratulations to Teri Jelks, Ben Pinkley, and Marqueisha Walker! They will be missed at the library, but we know these graduates have great futures ahead.

congrats 2018

Student Assistant Appreciation!

ben & brandon & callie & ces & cole & danielle & donny& grant & hannah & jeff & kari & kayla & marqueisha & mya & raymond & ruth & savanah & shelby & teri.png

April 8th-14th is National Library Week! Today, we’re taking time to recognize our student assistants.

We love our student assistants here at the library! They shelve books, help patrons with printing & finding resources, give directions & tours, work on library projects, & so much more! If you interact with a student assistant today, thank them for all they do.


*listed above are the Circulation student workers, but we have student workers in other departments as well! They will be featured in another thank you post soon!

Our Book Picks For Valentine’s Day!

 *Post written by Ruth Duncan

We’re Celebrating Our Student Assistants Today!

Today is Student Assistant Appreciation Day at the library. We’re so glad to have a great group of students working with us. We’re proud of them and all of their accomplishments.

Do you know a student who works in the library? Show them some love today!

READ Campaign


Our student athletes READ and you should, too!

Many libraries put up READ campaign posters with famous authors or celebrities with their favorite books. These posters help encourage patrons to read based on a strong appeal to ethos. Likewise, our library, with the help of several student athletes and our mascot Buster, is promoting more reading!

Check out the photos below and the READ poster on display in the library- it’s located near Modero! Go, Bulldogs!






Congratulations to Our Graduates!

We are so proud of our graduating student assistants!

Congratulations! You will be missed here at the library.

thumbnail_Graduating Student Worker Poster - May 2017 (Beau) (SM)

National Library Week Recap: Part 1.

Student Workers Featured in Portrait Display


Two of our student workers, Ces and Teri, were featured in a portrait display at Union University. The series is called “Black pt. 2” by Cece Blanchard. We are proud of our students!

Boston trip provides inside look at PR in action for communication arts students

Union Life


Post by Anna Claire Sewell, PRSSA President
Photos by Ashley Fitch Blair and Shelby Kee

As I glanced around at my peers on the flight home, I couldn’t help but think about what an awesome experience we had in Boston. As students in Union University’s communication arts department, we are presented with opportunities through our PRSSA chapter that are not only educationally enriching, but also exciting.

PRSSA, Public Relations Student Society of America, is an on-campus organization that allows students to lead and learn through the integration of knowledge and professional development. Along with a day trip to meet with communication professionals in the fall, Union’s PRSSA chapter takes a trip to a larger market during the spring semester.

During our stay in Boston, we met with communication specialists in three different areas of the field. The first morning there was freezing — actually, quite below freezing. It did not…

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