Spotlight On “Harvard Business Review”


Harvard Business Review is one of the most widely-used and trusted business magazines in the U.S. Workers in HR, PR, marketing, and other business fields use the Harvard Business Review to keep up the latest news. You’ll find interesting articles about leadership, stats, general management, and workplace diversity in this magazine.

The library provides Union students and employees with free online access to the Harvard Business Review.

To access the Harvard Business Review, or any other online magazine that we subscribe to:

  1. Go to the library website.
  2. Type in “Harvard Business Review” in the search bar.
  3. Click one of the links to view it online. Different databases, like Business Source Complete, will provide access to Harvard Business Review.
  4. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter in your Union credentials. If there is trouble in accessing the link after that, then try a different link or email Stephen Mount at for help.


Book Review: “Leadership Is An Art” by Max De Pree



Leadership Is An Art was recommended to me by our Library Director, Melissa Moore. 
This book was written by Max De Pree, the former CEO of Herman Miller, Inc. De Pree shares what he learned from his experiences as a leader and encourages future leaders to “define reality” for their teams.


What Leadership Is An Art does right: De Pree believes that a leader is someone who “removes obstacles that prevent people from doing their jobs.” The leadership described in Leadership Is An Art is one of servant-leadership: the focus is more on the people being led rather than on the greatness of the leaders themselves.

De Pree encourages leaders to know themselves, their assumptions about other people and their jobs, and their personal values. I would definitely agree that a good period of self-reflection can help someone realize how their beliefs affect their leadership. This can also help leaders be honest and straightforward with their team about what they expect, what their goals are, and how they can grow together.

This particular quote from James O’Toole’s foreword stands out:

In short, the true leader is a listener. The leader listens to the ideas, needs, aspirations, and wishes of the followers and then- within the context of his or her own well-developed system of beliefs- responds to these in an appropriate fashion.

As a manager, this is something I strive to do each day: listen to my employees and implement their ideas if we are able (sometimes the money isn’t there, or a policy they’re not yet familiar with could restrict their plan). If we aren’t able to do what they suggest, then we can look for alternate solutions and other ideas together.


What Leadership Is An Art gets wrong: This book is short and to-the-point (which could be a vice or virtue, depending on the reader). If you’re looking for in-depth stories and analysis, this may not be the leadership book for you.


Who should read Leadership Is An Art: Anyone who is in or is about to assume a position of leadership.


Who shouldn’t read Leadership Is An Art: I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t get at least a few words of wisdom out of this book, even if they are not a leader currently.


You can check out this book from our Faculty Development Collection!

Spotlight On “Accounting Today”

pex accounting

If you’re studying business, finance, or accounting, Accounting Today may be a helpful resource for you. The library provides access to this online magazine via our “Journals by Title or Subject” tab on the library website. Just search for Accounting Today or click on the “Business and Management” subject tab to see other similar journals.

Accounting Today covers sections such as:


This journal strives to stay up-to-date on the latest news in the finance world. Whether you want to read about auditing, the IRS, or technology advancements, you can find articles and research about your topic on Accounting Today.


Featured Book: “Everybody Writes”

everybody writes

Because the written word is so ubiquitous in the social media age, good writing is hard to find and yet more important than ever. It’s easy to lose someone’s attention in all of the noise- but you don’t want to do that when you’re writing for your job! In Everybody Writes, content creator and marketer Ann Handley advises readers on how to make their writing simpler and smarter. Generally, Handley focuses on shorter pieces- articles, Tweets, etc.- but her suggestions can also be applied to other kinds of writing. This book encourages you to approach writing as a work out, something you do each day to make you better at it overall.

pex writing

Handley starts out by defining what “content” means and how we can publish better content. She then goes on to provide general writing tips, ideas for better productivity, and how to make a great “lead” in to your story. While the book is divided into 6 parts, it’s short and direct with its message.

For Handley, “show, don’t tell” is a major part of good content:

Good content- and good writing- doesn’t preach or hard sell. Instead, it shows how your product or service lives in the world, explaining in human terms how it adds value to people’s lives, eases troubles, shoulders burdens, and meets needs.

By thinking about your audience and writing for their needs, you can create worthy content for your job, business, or blog.

Everybody Writes is available in the library. If you’d like to check out other books on writing, try these:

Spotlight on Informe Académico


Informe Académico is a Spanish language database provided by Gale resources. Its Latino magazines cover business, health, technology, culture, current affairs, and other subjects. If you do better research in Spanish, or if you are trying to practice your Spanish reading comprehension, this database will be helpful for you.

Like the other Gale databases, Informe Académico lists trending searches (búsquedas principales) on its front page. For example, the current most popular topics are Cambio climático, Desarrollo económico, México democracia, Narcotráfico, and Revolución Cubana.

Informe Académico has over 9 million articles and counting. When you need the latest news in Spanish, this database is a great place to look. Simply locate Informe Académico under the library’s “Databases, E-books, and Media” tab and click on it to access this important resource.

How To Find Newspapers Using The Library

pex newspapers

Journalism can never be silent: That is its greatest virtue and its greatest fault. It must speak, and speak immediately, while the echoes of wonder, the claims of triumph and the signs of horror are still in the air.
— Henry Anatole Grunwald

If you need to find a certain newspaper, the library is a great place to start! Our print newspapers are located in the Reading Room on the first floor, along with other magazines and periodicals. We also have online access to certain publications through our databases.

In the Library, newspapers are available:

  • In print:
    • The Tennessean
    • The New York Times (Sunday only)
    • USA Today
    • The Wall Street Journal

We no longer subscribe to The Jackson Sun due to delivery issues.

pex news

You can also find newspaper articles online, via our databases. It’s best to search within our library databases, using the library website, so that you can get full access to these newspapers. Don’t just type in “The Wall Street Journal” into Google and expect to see everything- the WSJ website may not recognize that you get access to their resources through Union. That’s why you should view the WSJ articles through a database like ProQuest U.S. Major Dailies.

Online, you can see newspapers:

  • Through ProQuest U.S. Major Dailies:
    • The New York Times (including the NYT Magazine and NYT Book Review)
    • The Wall Street Journal
    • Los Angeles Times
    • Chicago Tribune
    • Washington Post


  • Through other databases, including:
    • EBSCO Newspaper Source Plus
    • GALE InfoTrac Newsstand
    • and several of the other, larger databases like Academic Search Complete; Academic OneFile; and Westlaw
    • The Tennessean is also available online under the library’s A to Z list


Popular Magazines are included in many of our larger databases like Academic Search Complete. But you may not know that we have a collection of popular magazines named, funnily enough, Popular Magazines. Titles include:

  • Bon Appetit
  • Book (from Barnes & Noble)
  • Camping Life
  • Christianity Today
  • Cross Country Skier
  • Field & Stream
  • Golf Digest
  • Guitar Player


Whether you’re looking for The New York Times or Christianity Today, chances are that we have access to it in the library. Come to the Circulation Desk if you need more help!