Spotlight On Library Displays

hp display

Did you know that the library creates displays to showcase our collection? Each month, a new display theme goes up on the first-floor bookcase near the stairs. Monthly themes include:

  • Star Wars
  • Harry Potter
  • Summer Reading
  • STEM
  • Historical Fiction

and more!




We also have books on display in the Family Room. These include children’s books and young adult books. Pictured below is our “Universe of Stories” display!

universe display


All of the books, audiobooks, and DVDs on display are available for checkout. Just take the item you want to the Circulation Desk and they will check it out for you.

How To Buy Print Cards At The Library

print card

It’s a known fact that some majors need to print an exorbitant amount of PowerPoint slides, essays, and book chapters. At some point during the school year, you may need to buy more prints. Here’s how you can do that:


1. Go to the Circulation Desk on the first floor of the library. Ask the worker at the desk if you can buy more prints.

2. There are two options of print cards to buy. You can buy 20 prints for $1 and/or 100 prints for $5. You can even buy multiple print cards if you need to.

3. Bring cash or a check to buy the print card(s). The library does not have a card reading machine.

4. Once you’ve purchased the card, log in to (the PawPrint website). Click the option to “Redeem Card.”

5. Enter in your card’s number. Now the prints will be added to your account.


There are 5 printers, all located on the library’s first floor, for you to use for printing, copying, and scanning. Once you have the prints you need, you are good to go!

How To Find Books In The Library


The library is not too difficult to navigate – after all, almost all of the books are on the 2nd floor! However, it can be confusing walking by the shelves and wondering where your particular book might be.


Here is a crash course in how to find a book in the library:

1. Look up the book on the library website using the search bar.

2. Locate the book in the search results. Check first to see if the book is Available. It will have a green check mark if it is Available and a red sign if it is Unavailable.

3. If your book is an ebook, click the link to access it online. If not, it will have a shelving location listed, like “Main Book Stacks” or “Main Reference.” Pay attention to the shelving location so that you go to the right area.

4. Locate the book’s call number. This is the specific order on the shelf where the book will be, in relation to all of the other books. An example is BS535 .L54 1987, which is the call number of The Literary Guide to the Bible.


*note: the call numbers are part of the Library of Congress system. View the basic graphic below for more info on that.*


loc system

5. Once you have the call number, write it down (on your phone’s notes or on a piece of paper) and take it up to the 2nd floor with you. If your book is actually in the Juvenile section, then take the call number to the Family Room on the 1st floor.

6. Using the call number, find the shelf that your book is on. If your book is in the BS535 section, then find the shelves that say “BS530-BS536,” for example.

7. Once the shelf has been located, look on the shelf for your specific book. The other books will be in numerical order (i.e. BS535.6 will come before BS535.7). Look at the call numbers on their spines to find them.

8. Once you’ve found your book, you can take it down to the Circulation desk or use a self-check machine to check out.


If you’re having trouble finding a book in the library, don’t hesitate to ask for help! Sometimes a book may have been misplaced, or perhaps you didn’t see that it’s actually in the Reference section instead of the Main Book Stacks. We are happy to help you find what you need!


Our Books Are Shifting!

carry books

This summer, we are moving books onto different shelves to make room for- you guessed it- more books! The Recreational Reading section has been moved to the shelves behind the DVDs, and sections A (General Works) & B (Philosophy, Psychology, & Religion) will be shifted to the left. If you’re having trouble finding a book during our shifting period, please ask us about it at the Circulation Desk. We’re happy to help!

Congratulations To Our 2018 Graduates!

lib grads 2018

Congratulations to Teri Jelks, Ben Pinkley, and Marqueisha Walker! They will be missed at the library, but we know these graduates have great futures ahead.

congrats 2018

Thank You To All Library Assistants!



The library staff would like to say thank you to all of our departmental student assistants. They worked hard this year to make the library run smoothly, and we were glad to have them on our team. For those graduating, we wish you the best of luck!

How To Check Out A Book From Reserves

pex open book

At some point in your college career, one of your professors is going to hand you a syllabus with a list of books that you’ll need to use. This syllabus might say something like, “You will find these books in the library on my Reserves,” followed by some call numbers and/or book & DVD titles. But what does all of this mean?

The library Reserves are essentially what they sound like- they are books, articles, and DVDs that are reserved for a professor. These items are housed behind the library’s Circulation Desk, and they are organized according to the professors’ last namesnot by their classes (since the classes change each semester). Professors put items on Reserve so that their students can easily access them for projects, assignments, and supplemental material.

So, how do you check out an item that’s on Reserve?

  1. Go to the library’s Circulation Desk.
  2. Tell the library staff that you would like to check out [name of book here] that is on Reserves.
  3. State the name of your professor.
  4. The library staff will locate the book for you.
  5. Reserves have 2 categories: ones that can not leave the library building (typically marked with a blue note), and ones that can leave for one night and must be returned the next day (marked with an orange note). The library staff will indicate to you the rule for the item you check out, but you can always ask questions to be sure.
  6. Use the Reserve item for your assignment.
  7. Return the Reserve item in a timely manner- there are probably other students from your class waiting on it!


Other tips:

*You can check out multiple books from Reserves if needed.

*You can share a Reserves item with a classmate (like if you both need to watch a DVD for a class).

*It is against library policy to tell you what another patron has checked out. So if you’re waiting for a Reserve item to be returned, we cannot tell you which person in the library has the item.

*Only UU students and professors can check out an item on Reserves.


Student Assistant Appreciation!

ben & brandon & callie & ces & cole & danielle & donny& grant & hannah & jeff & kari & kayla & marqueisha & mya & raymond & ruth & savanah & shelby & teri.png

April 8th-14th is National Library Week! Today, we’re taking time to recognize our student assistants.

We love our student assistants here at the library! They shelve books, help patrons with printing & finding resources, give directions & tours, work on library projects, & so much more! If you interact with a student assistant today, thank them for all they do.


*listed above are the Circulation student workers, but we have student workers in other departments as well! They will be featured in another thank you post soon!

Spotlight on Audiobooks

pex audiobook

It can feel rewarding to finish a book while you’re completing another task- say, driving! That’s where audiobooks come in. They leave your hands and eyes free for multitasking, and some of them even feature the voices of famous actors and authors.

The library has an audiobook collection located on the 2nd floor, near the DVDs. The audiobooks can be checked out for up to 2 weeks by faculty, staff, and students.



Want to see which titles we have as audiobooks? Click here to search results on the library website.



We’re Celebrating Our Student Assistants Today!

Today is Student Assistant Appreciation Day at the library. We’re so glad to have a great group of students working with us. We’re proud of them and all of their accomplishments.

Do you know a student who works in the library? Show them some love today!