Spotlight on Informe Académico


Informe Académico is a Spanish language database provided by Gale resources. Its Latino magazines cover business, health, technology, culture, current affairs, and other subjects. If you do better research in Spanish, or if you are trying to practice your Spanish reading comprehension, this database will be helpful for you.

Like the other Gale databases, Informe Académico lists trending searches (búsquedas principales) on its front page. For example, the current most popular topics are Cambio climático, Desarrollo económico, México democracia, Narcotráfico, and Revolución Cubana.

Informe Académico has over 9 million articles and counting. When you need the latest news in Spanish, this database is a great place to look. Simply locate Informe Académico under the library’s “Databases, E-books, and Media” tab and click on it to access this important resource.

Featured Books: Coffee Edition

September 29th is National Coffee Day! There’s plenty of coffee in The Logos, thanks to Modero Coffee Roasters. And there’s just something about coffee & books together: what better way to celebrate the delicious drink than by pairing it with a book?

The library has several books and even films about the business and culture surrounding coffee today. Check them out below!


Come by the library to celebrate National Coffee Day, and grab a book to go with your drink!