Spotlight On “Harvard Business Review”


Harvard Business Review is one of the most widely-used and trusted business magazines in the U.S. Workers in HR, PR, marketing, and other business fields use the Harvard Business Review to keep up the latest news. You’ll find interesting articles about leadership, stats, general management, and workplace diversity in this magazine.

The library provides Union students and employees with free online access to the Harvard Business Review.

To access the Harvard Business Review, or any other online magazine that we subscribe to:

  1. Go to the library website.
  2. Type in “Harvard Business Review” in the search bar.
  3. Click one of the links to view it online. Different databases, like Business Source Complete, will provide access to Harvard Business Review.
  4. If you are off campus, you will be prompted to enter in your Union credentials. If there is trouble in accessing the link after that, then try a different link or email Stephen Mount at for help.


Top 5 Marketing Journals

pex marketing


The world of marketing is constantly moving. Keep up with the latest practices and find sources for your papers and projects with these 5 marketing journals. You can find these journals online via our library website- just click on the “Journals” link under “Quick Links.”


Advances In Consumer Research

This journal provides research on retail trends, buyer preferences, and patronage behavior.


American Salesman

Trying to sell something? American Salesman is full of advice for selling in a fast-paced environment, working on your people skills, and understanding risk management.


International Journal of Consumer Studies

When you need to research global trends in marketing, International Journal of Consumer Studies is your best bet. Here you will learn about differing consumer trends in Brazil, Finland, Canada, China, and many other countries.


Journal For Advancement In Marketing Education

How do students best learn about marketing? How can you teach someone on-the-job? Use the Journal For Advancement In Marketing Education for articles about marketing in the classroom.


Journal of Marketing and Management

If you plan to be a leader in the marketing industry, you may also work as a manager or trainer of other workers. This journal combines the best of both worlds with plenty of PDF full-text articles complete with graphics and statistics.



Featured Book: “Everybody Writes”

everybody writes

Because the written word is so ubiquitous in the social media age, good writing is hard to find and yet more important than ever. It’s easy to lose someone’s attention in all of the noise- but you don’t want to do that when you’re writing for your job! In Everybody Writes, content creator and marketer Ann Handley advises readers on how to make their writing simpler and smarter. Generally, Handley focuses on shorter pieces- articles, Tweets, etc.- but her suggestions can also be applied to other kinds of writing. This book encourages you to approach writing as a work out, something you do each day to make you better at it overall.

pex writing

Handley starts out by defining what “content” means and how we can publish better content. She then goes on to provide general writing tips, ideas for better productivity, and how to make a great “lead” in to your story. While the book is divided into 6 parts, it’s short and direct with its message.

For Handley, “show, don’t tell” is a major part of good content:

Good content- and good writing- doesn’t preach or hard sell. Instead, it shows how your product or service lives in the world, explaining in human terms how it adds value to people’s lives, eases troubles, shoulders burdens, and meets needs.

By thinking about your audience and writing for their needs, you can create worthy content for your job, business, or blog.

Everybody Writes is available in the library. If you’d like to check out other books on writing, try these:

READ Campaign


Our student athletes READ and you should, too!

Many libraries put up READ campaign posters with famous authors or celebrities with their favorite books. These posters help encourage patrons to read based on a strong appeal to ethos. Likewise, our library, with the help of several student athletes and our mascot Buster, is promoting more reading!

Check out the photos below and the READ poster on display in the library- it’s located near Modero! Go, Bulldogs!