Featured Book: “Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween”

trick or treat

Where did Halloween come from? If you’ve ever wondered about this unique holiday, you’re not alone. Author Lisa Morton put together a complex and varied history of Halloween, as well as how Halloween themes have permeated American popular culture. You can read a brief description of her book, Trick or Treat: A History of Halloween, below:

Halloween has spread around the world, yet its associations with death and the supernatural as well as its inevitable commercialization has made it one of our most puzzling holidays. How did it become what it is today? This book examines the origins and history of Halloween and explores in depth its current global popularity. The author reveals how holidays like the Celtic Samhain and Catholic All Souls’ Day have blended to produce the modern Halloween, and she shows how the holiday has been reborn in America, where costumes and trick-or-treat rituals are new customs. She takes into account the influence of related but independent holidays, especially Mexico’s Day of the Dead, as well as the explosion in popularity of haunted attractions and the impact of events such as 9/11 and the global economic recession.

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Lisa Morton looks at history through the changes and updates to the celebration of Halloween. It’s easy to get lost in the unique stories that surround this holiday.

You can check out Trick or Treat from the library’s Family Room.