Presenting: Book Tunes by Yoolim Moon!


Library student assistant and art major Yoolim Moon made an amazing stop-motion video about the library! Check it out.

Yoga For Readers

In honor of International Yoga Day, student assistants Kayla and Shelby have agreed to demonstrate their favorite poses for exercising both mind and body. Whether you are a seasoned bookworm or you are using the library for the first time, we have a way for you to settle in and get the most out of your library time!

Level: Beginner

BlogPhoto1Relaxed Pose: This is a comfortable position for marathon-reading a fun book of your choice. The arms of the chair provide support for your back and elevation for your feet, combining to create the ultimate casual reading experience. Note: This move is not recommended for use while studying or reading intense fiction.


BlogPhoto9The Finals Week: To properly execute this move, you must get to the library early in order to claim enough space and furniture to stretch out to your full length. This is perfect for the evening before your most difficult exam, as it allows you to switch back and forth between studying and power naps efficiently.


Level: Intermediate

BlogPhoto6Modified Plank: This position will allow you to strengthen the two most important muscle groups- the core and the brain. Form is particularly important to prevent excess pressure on your elbows and strain on your eyes.



BlogPhoto5The Upside Down Turtle: When you’ve been sitting in uncomfortable classroom chairs all day, this pose will relieve back pain by elevating your feet and taking pressure off your spine. It is enhanced by reading John Green’s latest novel or any turtle-related book in our Family Room, which will cure textbook-induced headaches.


Level: Advanced

BlogPhoto2The Inverted Bookworm: Sometimes it is helpful to get a different perspective on what you are reading. Turning upside down is the perfect way to do just that! Having your head closer to the ground will change the way you see the world while improving circulation to your brain.


BlogPhoto10The Sneaky Reader: This pose is perfect for when you see your Welcome Week Crush in the library studying. Bonus points if you can do this with their favorite book so you have something to talk to them about when you finally get the nerve.



What are your favorite reading and/or yoga poses?

Library Staff Picks: Apps


Apps can make your life easier- or they can distract you from your homework. It all depends on how (and when) you use them!

I’ve asked some of our library team members to share their favorite apps. Most of these are for fun, but who knows- some of them could help you out!

1. Jeff Walker chose The Podcast App as his pick. With access to over 300,000 different podcasts, all for free, this app can be a great tool for learning and information sharing!

the podcast app

2. For Olivia Chin, the new Paste Music & Daytrotter App is the way to go. This free app gives users access to an entire vault of live music, interviews, and comedy routines.


3. Shelby Lucius enjoys the creative photo editing app Enlight. Enlight can be used to make graphic designs, double exposures, and special effects. While it does have a price, Shelby finds it to be perfect for her editing needs.


4. The YouTube app is the one Teri Jelks spends the most time on. Another free app, YouTube makes it easy to watch videos, stream music, and discover new content.

yt app

5. Janice Baumgardner likes to play games on her phone. One of her favorites is Cookie Jam, a free app filled with bakery-themed puzzles and prizes.

cookie jam

6. Brandon Johnson recommends SongPop 2- Guess the Song, where users can compete with friends on guessing which song is playing. It’s free and easy to play!


7. For Callie Hauss, Duolingo is the way to go. This free app helps users learn different languages like French, Spanish, Danish, etc. and keeps track of their progress.


What’s your favorite app? Would you be interested in a library app?


Thank You To All Library Assistants!



The library staff would like to say thank you to all of our departmental student assistants. They worked hard this year to make the library run smoothly, and we were glad to have them on our team. For those graduating, we wish you the best of luck!

Student Assistant Appreciation!

ben & brandon & callie & ces & cole & danielle & donny& grant & hannah & jeff & kari & kayla & marqueisha & mya & raymond & ruth & savanah & shelby & teri.png

April 8th-14th is National Library Week! Today, we’re taking time to recognize our student assistants.

We love our student assistants here at the library! They shelve books, help patrons with printing & finding resources, give directions & tours, work on library projects, & so much more! If you interact with a student assistant today, thank them for all they do.


*listed above are the Circulation student workers, but we have student workers in other departments as well! They will be featured in another thank you post soon!

Our Book Picks For Valentine’s Day!

 *Post written by Ruth Duncan

Congratulations to Our Graduates!

We are so proud of our graduating student assistants!

Congratulations! You will be missed here at the library.

thumbnail_Graduating Student Worker Poster - May 2017 (Beau) (SM)