Book Review: “How To Win At College”

how to win

How to Win at College is a quirky little book that combines humor and practical knowledge through 75 tips on how to succeed in the college setting. Each tip has a short descriptor that is typically 1-3 pages long. All of the tips in the book have been garnered from actual students, and every tip is useful.

Some tips include:

  • Don’t do all of your reading.
  • Make your bed every single day.
  • Never nap.
  • Decorate your room.
  • Make friends your #1 priority.
  • Attend political rallies.
  • “Don’t have no regrets.”

Through these tips and many, many more, this book does a phenomenal job at teaching readers how to not only succeed, but thrive while getting through college.


*written by Donny Turner

Welcome to the Library, New Bulldogs!


We are so glad to have you here at Union University. At the library, we love to help you learn, research, and study!

First things first: the library website is located at This is your one-stop place for all things library-related, including links to our social media, library news, databases, catalogs, and more.

Here are some library facts and perks you should know about:

  • Your student ID doubles as a library card! Use it to check out books at the Circulation Desk or at the self-check stations.
  • If you need research help, you can schedule an appointment with one of our trusty Research Coaches.
  • Sometimes your professors may have items for your class to check out on Reserves. Ask the staff at our Circulation Desk for access to items on Reserves.
  • Want to know about due dates, fines, or overdue items? Check out Using the Library on our website.
  • The first floor of the library houses the Circulation Desk, labs, offices, the Research Desk, Modero, and study spaces. The second floor houses books, movies, CDs, offices, two study rooms, and study spaces. The third floor houses the President’s office, administrative offices, study rooms, and study carrels.
  • The library employs around 20 student assistants per regular semester. These student assistants are supervised by our library staff (managers, catalog associates, archivists- you name it, the library has someone who can do it). You may be a good fit for working here if you value attention to detail, helping others, and initiative!

Have a great first week of classes, and be sure to visit the library!

Finals Week Survival Guide

pex finals

With finals week approaching, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Thankfully, the library is here for all of your studying and paper-writing needs. Here are a few tips on how to survive the infamous finals week:

1. Stake out your spot in the library. There are plenty of prime studying spots in The Logos; the key is finding the right one for your situation. For groups, reserving a study room ahead of time will be crucial. Maybe you need to get away from distractions; in that case, the Open Reading Room and the Open Printing area on the first floor are quiet areas. Whatever you may need, the library is fully equipped for your finals week survival.

2. Pet Buster. This is pretty obvious, but even just looking at Buster pictures will brighten your day. Think of the wonders cuddling him will do. Just be sure not to overwhelm him; he may be feeling the stress of finals week, too.

3. Remember to eat, and eat as healthily as you can. TIME magazine suggests eating foods that are digested slowly (whole grains, fresh vegetables, lean proteins) instead of just reaching for whatever is convenient. Be sure to eat a good breakfast as you start each morning, and drink water throughout your busy day to keep you hydrated.

4. Take a break. You can only absorb so much material at one time. Get up and walk around for a few minutes. Talk to a friend. Just be wary of getting away for too long.

5. Sleep. It can be tempting to pull an all-nighter, and sometimes you may have no other choice. However, if you can, at least take a nap. When your body is well taken care of, you will feel better and think more clearly for your finals.

Good luck to all of our students!