Top 5 Books To Read Now That Fall Is Here

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Okay, I know the weather around here doesn’t scream “fall.” But September 23rd is the official first day of the fall season for 2019, and that has to count for something! For those of us who look forward to fall each year, here is a list of books that are especially perfect to read during the season of falling leaves, pumpkins, scarves, and outdoor sports:


Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery

Reason: “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.” – Anne Shirley. Sure, it’s not quite October yet, but we’re almost there!


Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn by Kenard Pak

Reason: This is a charming children’s book about the changing of the seasons. Look for it in our Family Room!


The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson

Reason: Get into the spooky spirit with Shirley Jackson’s classic horror novel, which was recently adapted into a Netflix show.


The Secret History by Donna Tartt

Reason: Fall means school, and The Secret History is all about a group of New England college students. The novel’s element of suspense just adds to its appeal.


Native American Son: The Life and Sporting Legend of Jim Thorpe by Kate Buford

Reason: For some people, fall is all about football season! Dive into football history with this fascinating biography of the formidable athlete, Jim Thorpe.





Top 5 Travel Books For Fall Break

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With fall break comes much-needed time away from school and (hopefully) some beautiful weather! If you find yourself with some free time this break, you may want to pick back up the tried-and-true habit of “reading for fun.” We’ve compiled a list of the best travel books in the library, so that you can read on the go this break (or travel to fun places through the world of literacy, even if you’re still in your dorm)!


On The Road by Jack Kerouac.

A cult classic, On The Road features two young friends and their experiences in a changing America.


To Shake the Sleeping Self by Jedidiah Jenkins.

This brand new travel memoir describes the author’s journey from Oregon to Patagonia, via bike. Jenkins originally documented his story through Instagram.


My Life on the Road by Gloria Steinem.

From following campaign trails to roadtrips with her father, Gloria Steinem has traveled near and far. She tells her stories in this inspiring autobiography.



Wild by Cheryl Strayed.

Cheryl Strayed needed a change after several tumultuous life events- so she hiked the Pacific Crest Trail. Edgy and honest, Wild shows Strayed’s journey through ups and downs.


Blue Highways: A Journey Into America by William Least Heat-Moon.

Ever wanted to drive down America’s many backroads? William Least Heat-Moon not only traveled these paths, but he also wrote about how he did it and the people he met along the way.


Take off on your trip with one of these great travel books! Or stay at home and dream of faraway places- that’s what books are for.

“Spooky” Classics for Friday the 13th


Friday the 13th has long been mythologized as a day “fraught with peril” or “bad luck.” Over time, movie creators have turned Friday the 13th into a spooky holiday as well, with the famous 1980s horror movie franchise.

Whether or not you fear this day, it seems like the perfect chance to feature some of the library’s classic spooky novels. Check the list below for your favorite!


One of the original vampire tales, Dracula is a must for any fan of the horror genre. Bram Stoker’s story has inspired vampire myths and legends since its publication in 1897. Equal parts horror and mystery, you’ll be enthralled as you discover the secrets of Dracula and his life in the Carpathian Mountains.


Frankenstein was all over Union’s campus this past year, from art projects to the theatre production to the book being analyzed in classes. Whether you empathize more with the monster or with Victor Frankenstein, their strange and painful relationship will keep you turning the pages for more.




Featuring famous stories such as “The Masque of the Red Death” and “The Tell-Tale Heart,” this collection spans Poe’s major works. Most of the stories can be read quickly, but their creepy settings and unhinged characters will remain with you long afterward.


This novella falls under many genres: mystery, horror, crime thriller. It’s a short but gripping read, and the familiar struggle of man vs. his inner desires is at the forefront of the plot.


dr jek


The Invisible Man is frightening simply because it allows a person do things- whatever he wants- completely unseen. Or perhaps it’s the imagery of the Invisible Man’s bandages, or his anger that will scare you…regardless, H.G. Wells knew how to craft a spooky story!


This list wouldn’t be complete without the household name of H.P. Lovecraft. Tales is a great compilation of his most chilling stories of monsters and indescribable terrors. Read “The Call of Cthulhu” to learn about an ancient creature and its siren call.


hp love


Oscar Wilde’s wit and macabre sense of morality shine through in this brilliant story of a young man’s downfall. It’s another short read that packs a punch!


Before it was an award-winning musical, The Phantom of the Opera was an intriguing novel. Who is Christine’s mysterious tutor? Why do unfortunate incidents happen at the opera in Paris? If you’re a fan of the musical, you’ll have a hard time putting this book down.




There are many more classics to discover on the library’s shelves or online- just search for your favorite by using our catalog!




The Best Books To Learn Programming Languages


Learning to program? Looking for help on a specific language? The library has some books- both in print and online- that can help!

Listed below are some of our best books on popular programming languages. Click their links to see where they are located in the library (or to read them online, if they’re eBooks)!

Learning C#…



This eBook introduces the C# language, how it connects to other languages and shares elements with them, and explains processes like remoting & creating intranet applications.




  • For those who already know some C#, we recommend C# In Depth.



This book covers C# from version 2 onward, so if you’re looking for older versions, this may not be the book for you. However, it’s a great resource for more up-to-date developments. C# In Depth also moves at a faster pace since it assumes that you are not starting from scratch, which may be a plus for more experienced developers. The author writes with the tone of someone who knows and loves what he’s talking about, making this manual an enjoyable- as well as instructional- read.


Learning Java…




This guide has definitions for everything, from algorithms to vectors and everything in between. It is written at an easy-to-understand level and explains the basics without embellishment.




Learning JavaScript…




This bestseller takes you from your very first JavaScript script to document object model essentials. It’s a large book, but the descriptive chapter titles make it navigable. Interactive examples and exercises will have you understanding JavaScript in no time.







With a tagline like “Rich, fast, versatile- JavaScript the way it should be!,” you know the authors concentrated their full efforts on streamlining jQuery. This book contains in-depth examples on various jQuery UI components, the jQuery UI library, event parameters, and more.




Learning Objective-C…

If you want to write applications for Apple products, take a look at Objective-C for Absolute Beginners. The library has this book in both print and eBook form.

ob c



Equally helpful for new programmers and those who have never used OOP languages, this book allows you to learn in a visual manner. With a focus on debugging to really learn the language, Objective-C For Absolute Beginners will help you understand what you are doing each time you write an algorithm.



Learning Python…

Python Programming Fundamentals  provides both practice exercises and solutions for learning Python.

python book


From installing Python programs to get started, to emphasizing creativity in your programming, this manual does it all. It also takes into consideration the differences (and similarities) in using Python on Macs vs. Windows. Finally, there are even games you can play to increase your Python knowledge.



Visit the library for the programming manuals you need! We may have just what you’re looking for.

Light Reading for Spring Break

The library’s Recreational Reading collection (upstairs on the left) is your destination for refreshingly un-assigned spring break reading.

Whether you’re the sort who can’t wait to curl up with a long book and a huge cup of tea or you’re just looking for something to do on the plane ride home, we’ve collected a wide selection of popular fiction and nonfiction for you to enjoy in your spare time. Stop by the library before you leave campus and pick out a book!

Here are a few of our newer fiction titles:

Reading List: Young Readers Day

Don’t you get a hint of nostalgia whenever you think about your childhood and the books you used to love?

If you still love children’s books, or you want an idea of new titles to read to the children in your life, take a look at the list we’ve made!

Click on the images to see the listing in the library!

Olivia Chin, Circulation Manager, wanted a dog of her own as a child. She really enjoyed Good Dog, Carl by Alexandra Day, in which a faithful Rottweiler watches over a little girl:

download (18)

Susan Kriaski, Cataloging Associate, thinks these two books deserve a read:

Llama Llama and Friends by Anna Dewdney

download (23)

Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney

download (24)

Melissa Moore, Director for Library Services, likes these children’s books:

Are You My Mother? By P. D. Eastman

download (22)

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

download (21)

Stephen Mount, Library Systems Manager, enjoys these selections:

See the Ocean by Estelle Condra

download (20)

If You Want to See a Whale by Julie Fogliano and Erin Stead

download (19)

Anna Poore, Technical Services Librarian, recommends this book:

Brave Irene by William Steig

download (17)

Rachel Powers, Library Associate, enjoyed these books as a child:

Ramona Quimby, Age 8 by Beverly Cleary


Good Night Moon by Margaret Wise Brown

download (1)

Jordan Sellers, Library Associate, enjoyed these books when she was young:

Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan


Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery

download (2)

Sarah Zornes, Evening Circulation Supervisor, loved this book when she was young:

Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey

download (16)