Logos Links: June 2021

Library team members Amber Wessies and Olivia Chin have searched the Internet for the best book, movie, and library-related links. Learn more about library news around the world below.

Equitable Staffing Models in the Current and Post-Pandemic Landscape

A group of higher education professionals reviews ways that we can make staffing more equitable for student assistants.

Delivering Bad News: Crisis Communication Methods in Academic Libraries

This College & Research Libraries article asks and answers questions about how academic libraries respond during crises.

Call Number Podcast: Law Libraries

A podcast episode about law libraries and law librarianship.

Podcasts of Interest

A thorough list of library-related podcasts.

10 Simple Tips for Organizing Data in Excel

With Excel being an important tool in both the classroom and workplace, these tips might come in handy!

Where is Our Spotify for Books?

“Many e-books have incredibly limited availability or are not available at all at public libraries, and library budgets are strained covering the escalating costs of e-book demand.”

Combination of Two Early Reading Programs Improves Kindergarten Readiness in Preschool Students

This article stresses the importance of early reading and literacy.

Taking Your Library Instruction to YouTube

Tips and tricks on how to use YouTube for library promotion and instruction.

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