Logos Links: December 2020

Library team members Amber Wessies and Olivia Chin have searched the Internet for the best book, movie, and library-related links. Learn more about library news around the world below.

Oxford Word of the Year: 2020

Which word did Oxford Languages pick to represent this year? Turns out, it wasn’t that easy!

Bookend: Conjuring a Collection

A collection of magic books find its permanent home at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

6 Things Writers Should Not Do

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls of writing with these tips.

Showing Up To Learn and Grow: Nashville Adult Literacy Council Pivots During the Pandemic

Learn more about the good work of the Nashville Adult Literacy Council and how they’ve helped their constituents during the pandemic.

91 Middle-Grade Books to Read in 2021

Get started on next year’s reading list with this blog post about new middle grade books!

Diversifying Your Classroom Book Collections: Avoid These 7 Pitfalls

Tips and recommendations for teachers who are diversifying their classroom book collections.

The 89 Best Book Covers of 2020

If you enjoy creative book covers, check out this list!

Encouraging Student Workers as Team Players in Technical Services

How can student workers at academic libraries have rewarding work experiences? What are the qualities of a good student worker? This article by a local University of Tennessee at Martin librarian explores these questions.

COVID-19 and Learning Loss

How have students been affected by COVID-19? Which students are at most risk for learning loss? This research article presents its findings.

The Best Books of 2020

This website provides links to many end-of-the-year “best books” lists, so you can see them all!

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